Hangar Reloaded

For over forty years, Alberto Bovo and Sandro Manente have left a deep mark in the communication and design fields with their award-winning work for hundreds of brands in Italy and worldwide.

The two designers' activity is innately connected in the places that have always represented their way of being and living.
An approach that also extends to a list of rules such as simplicity, moderation, and professional integrity.

Alberto and Sandro are reserved people, attentive on the results of their project activity. Here, nevertheless, they let themselves be filmed by a director to make the first documentary about their work.

Hangar Reloaded, however, is not just a design documentary, not at all. Instead, it is a reflection on their behaviors, their feelings and their future.

Hangar Design Group's philosophy is not only about design, but it is also a way of understanding life, and Hangar Reloaded is like a journey into the soul of Alberto Bovo and Sandro Manente.

Investigating their references, suggestions, memories, favorite places, research paths and production experiences, dialoguing with their collaborators, is like entering their visions.

Locandina Hangar Reloaded

Original title: “Hangar Reloaded”.
Country: Italy
Running time: 54 minutes
Year: 2021
Director: Daniele Barraco
Script: Michele Bicego
Production Company: Hangar Design Group
Field Sound Recording: Alice Lombardi

The film is a portrait/self-portrait of Hangar Design Group as an intimate story, shared with lifelong companions, suspended within a place, that is both real and symbolic space, mental and physical.

Sandro and Alberto talk about the things that are dearest to them, mixing memories and intuitions.

It is a pure divertissement, an attempt to give shape, image and sound to the intangibility of their thoughts, memories and desires.


“When you describe others through yourself you often end up discovering a third dimension made up of collectivity: Hangar Reloaded is a crisp, palpable suspension of that creative process.”

Director: Daniele Barraco

Photographer and filmmaker born in 1980, he started out as a musician. He specializes in portrait photography, portraying celebrities and ordinary people alike.
His images stand out by a strong visual impact and a classic sense of composition. His photographs have been published in Rolling Stone, Le Figaro, The Guardian, The Observer. He portrayed Sting, John Malkovich, Christopher Walken, Oliver Stone, Willem Dafoe, Tom Jones, Iggy Pop, Pierfrancesco Favino, Zucchero and many others.
He is the director of photography for the video clip "La donna cannone" by Francesco De Gregori.
In 2018, the documentary film "Vero dal vivo - Francesco De Gregori" marks his debut to directory a feature film.

Daniele Barraco

“A journey inside the ideas, methods and projects of Hangar Design Group. A collection of works to narrate the evolution of the international studio's creative thinking over forty years.”

A complete retrospective of the creative studio production from 1980 to today, including the most representative works, not only the best known or most appreciated but also those that have contributed to shape its design culture of the project around which the expressive style of the group has taken form.

Il Curatore: Francesco Zurlo

Francesco Zurlo is a Ph.D. in industrial design and full design professor at Politecnico di Milano, where he teaches at the School of Design. He is president of POLI.design, a consortium for post-curricular training founded by Politecnico di Milano and Deputy Dean of the School of Design, where he coordinates the courses of study in product design. He directs the Executive Master in Design Strategy and System Innovation (in China), the Master in Design for Kids and Toys and he's co-director of the Master in Strategic Design and Furniture Design of POLI.design consortium. He is the author of several publications on Strategic Design.

Hangar Design Group Compendium 8020 Rizzoli

Title: Hangar Design Group. Compendium
Publisher: Rizzoli
Edited by: Francesco Zurlo
Edition: bilingual in Italian and English
Format: 20 x 27 cm
Pages: 440
Release date: September 2021


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