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Prancing higher at 30: a celebration of Ferrari’s first thirty years on the Chinese market.


There are a few brands synonimous with a spirit of passion - Ferrari is one of them and has been always recognized around the world as a beacon of excellence and achievement. HDG had the privilege to partner with this iconic brand on the 30th year anniversary campaign for its presence in Mainland China. From uncovering the narrative truths behind the market milestones through an integrated yearly creative strategy, we committed to craft a meaningful imagery that celebrates this pivotal moment.

The goal was to develop an integrated Communication campaign based on a robust local platform and a strong content plan with local and potentially global relevance, leveraging Ferrari’s 30 Years Anniversary in China to consolidate an already strong brand awareness in the local market but to refresh the brand storytelling in an ever more contemporary way. In addition, support road car and brand diversification business goals.

As an answer we built a strategy to bring the different activities under a shared umbrella in an impactful and contemporary way, in full alignment with the longstanding values of the Ferrari brand. More specifically, the strategy underscored the marque’s unique positioning in the luxury business bringing to life the intangible value of the lifestyle associated with Ferrari’s products throughout the years; and tailor meaningful connections with local clients – both existing and potential.

Hangar Design Group - Ferrari

The genesis of the official monogram - derives from the the iconic Ferrari gear and the Chinese numeral - and the meaning of the unique campaign message 三十而跃 / “prancing higher at 30” - that resonates with chinese audience in a real collective way fully embracing Ferrari’s core values.

Hangar Design Group - Ferrari

The overall campaign covered all touchpoints: from strategic thinking to POS activations. We have put together a whole series of activations across all channels, including offline experiences for consumers, content marketing creation and CRM engagement. In addition we created exclusive content for the Chinese audience on the Ferrari Greater China social media channels.