Our Manifesto

We help companies see new paths, evolve and succeed by creating powerful stories, identities and experiences, using creativity as a lever for change and for strategic business development.

We use the power of imagination to build new narratives that cross markets and time zones, inspiring new meanings and new behaviours. As a creative company with offices around the world, we believe that change can lead to growth when it nurtures relationships between different minds, who learn through mutual exchange.

This is also why we work hand in hand with our clients. Whether it is branding projects or shaping experiences, we work together with them to maximise every synergy between research, technology and creativity. From idea to execution, from insight to realisation, we build communication strategies and act as a catalyst for change and development.

  • What we offer
  • Relationship
  • Mindset
  • Design craft
  • Why to choose us
  • We are “multi”: -disciplinary, -national, -channel. We are a meaningful partner companies can rely on.

  • We work to help businesses succeed now and plan further growth on the long term.

  • We conceive “big ideas” and rely on outstanding creative quality in all phases of projects’ execution.

  • How we work
  • Focus

    Understand and map the brand DNA.

  • Vision

    Set the brand on a meaningful path.

  • Creation

    Make it iconic, desirable.

  • Practice

    Bring it to the market.

  • Hangar Design Group - Davos
  • An integrated approach

    Interdisciplinarity has always been the cornerstone of our method, because a project, every project, requires complexity and is realised in concrete, visible, tangible and simultaneous touch points.

  • Hangar Design Group - Shanghai
  • The strategic process

    The approach with the client is based first and foremost on encounter and empathy: an exchange of ideas and information that makes respect for the company’s work and expertise a strong point, in which HDG is an agent that enables conversation. 


Hangar Design Group - Aboard Method Logo

Our approach is based on a well-established method of intervention, founded on the idea that every communication project must be relevant as well as distinctive.

It is articulated around the three cardinal elements that characterise our activity - relation, mindset and design craft - and is developed in six phases that follow one another according to a holistic view of the project.

Hangar Design Group - Aboard Method Logo is our signature method to integrated communication projects.

It is a method we apply together with the client to effectively manage communication projects, ensuring that objectives are achieved through various channels that reach the target audience effectively on all fronts, creating coherent and integrated communication.

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Our assignment starts by exploring insights and analysing the market context. We work to understand the challenges and opportunities of each project and define its scope in terms of objectives, targets, budget and available resources. In this phase, we focus on listening and gathering insights through interviews, research and analysis of existing performance data.

Goal setting

Together with the client, we define the project's strategic objectives in a clear and measurable manner, based on the client's needs and market opportunities.


We develop a detailed action plan to achieve the set objectives, including the selection of the most suitable tools and platforms to reach the targeted audience.


We follow up on the actual execution of the planned activities, overseeing content production, planning and distribution on the various communication channels.

Monitoring and analysis

We continuously monitor the results of communication activities, analysing performance to check the effectiveness of the actions undertaken and to make any necessary changes to the action plan.

Evaluation and reporting

Finally, we provide a detailed report on the results achieved, assessing the impact of the communication activities on the target audience and the objectives set.