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Xintiandi Style I Branding.


We partnered up with Shui on Land for re-imagining the new brand positioning of Xintiandi Style I, iconic commercial landmark in the heart of Shanghai, that opened his doors in late 2020.

A new social destination that act as a culture-exchange platform for a young target in pursuit of quality life overlaid with atmosphere and activities for creating a complete and rich experience. BY working from wording assets to visual language we helped client to define help the overall Brand Narrative and Visual Language.

HDG focused on exploiting the brand philosophy of creative intersection in an infinitely variable and multi-sensory approach. With a sense of creative play, HDG created and produced visual animations for a remarkable user experience and an ever-changing surrounding.

For outdoor video, the whole facade of XINTIANDI style I had been used as canvas “in motion" for projecting the new visual narrative of the mall, reflecting the positioning of the mall with engaging and powerful aesthetics.

For the atrium, the aim was to find a powerful language, creating a total immersive experience that can connect the indoor part with the outdoor.

Natural elements have been visualized through LED ceiling in the atrium, while creating an immersive experience, the elements have been reinterpreted in a conceptual, abstract and absorbing way.