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The bridge between China and the international fashion market.


ALTER is a leading b2b fashion group based in Mainland China integrating retail operation, channel distribution, enterprise consulting and industry investment.

Aimed to support the original creativity, and maintain the sustainability of fashion industry, the group is committed to be the bridge between China and international fashion market, and offer a stage that talent young designers can show them off on.

Hangar Design Group - Alter

When it came to branding, we wanted to create a platform that could represent their unique DNA across all touch points, from visual identity till digital strategy until offline applications. We strategically plan the rhythm of brand communication, ensuring the brand voice to be consistently communicated to its target audience via effective organization of channels and systems.

The essence of our approach for Alter lies in the seamless combination of creativity and digital structure.

We select the most suitable corporate marketing communication channels and platforms, to build a media matrix according to the characteristics of the representative products and consumers, especially the media habits of the target group.

Hangar Design Group - Alter - 5
Hangar Design Group - Alter - 5

We Assured the brand identity to be effectively and precisely translated into the visual languages in all dimensions and creating visual assets and innovative art directions in various interfaces.

Hangar Design Group - Alter - 7
Hangar Design Group - Alter - 8