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Elegance at play, or a new light-hearted luxury.

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Playful by design, the identity for an emerging lifestyle brand.

A diffuse atelier, a fashion playground, a house of art: Luhdo is a brand with many souls, created to fulfill the need for understated excellence, comfort and fun of the new luxury markets. HDG helped the company to put its values and mission into focus, unfolding the Brand's storytelling and defining its visual DNA.

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Photography, illustration and motion graphics were the tools of choice to give flexibility and depth to the Brand story, and they contributed to liven up Luhdo's website and e-commerce platform.

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The project resulted into Luhdo's playful, multicolored and welcoming identity, able to convey the products' utter quality and the atelier's craftsmanship in a light-hearted way.

Hangar Design Group - Luhdo - 6