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Rolling Acid

Rolling Acid Rebranding.


HDG was in charge of creating the new visual language and brand storytelling of Rolling Acid, that is a disruptive edgy- fashion brand targeting gen z. We deconstructed the "street" style and re-interpreted it by substituting the street elements with tech inspired ones. The visual language of Rolling Acid is a mix of contemporary graphics, mixed with punk and Y2K references, that reflects a rebellious spirit.

Hangar Design Group - Rolling Acid

In particular the new identity was built on the concept of the acid trip and its psychedelic experience. The result is a vibrant, colorful and edgy identity that reflects the brand's personality. The unique typography and packaging are based on the idea of organic shapes which create a perfect combination between fashion and art.

The overall repositioning of the brand was involving all the consumer touchpoints from the e-commerce digital experience till the physical pop up in several cities of China.