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Interpreting the magic of Rubelli textiles.

Hangar Design Group - Rubelli - 1


Art direction and editorial design

The editorial project winds between contemporary design and Venetian tradition, transforming the product catalog into a two-sided magazine. The goal was to bring out a dual focus on the company's centuries-old know-how and its ongoing technological research, to emphasize its consequent ability to interact with diverse clients in both the public and private spheres.

The strategic value of the project was thus expressed in the desire to fully express the versatility of the collections toward the audience of professionals and interior designers, without sacrificing consistency with the poetics and identity narrative of the company.

Hangar Design Group - Rubelli - 5

An immersive tutorial. To thrill the target audience.

Conceived on the occasion of the Maison et Objet show in Paris, the installation was inspired by the theme already stated in its title, "All About Colors": in fact, the aim was to show the breadth and variety of Rubelli's fabric range in order to interact with an audience of interior designers sensitive to the themes of color in textile furnishings. Colorful lampshades and poufs therefore filled the space making explicit the versatility of Rubelli's collections through the redundancy of color.