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An integrated campaign to launch a brand synonymous with Italian excellence


Exclusivity and craftsmanship are at the heart of the brand.

The campaign exalts the Mestieri brand as an emblem of craftsmanship at the service of large projects. The message is accompanied by powerful images, centred on the human figure caught in the action: an impactful iconography that leverages emotion to exalt Italian-made excellence.

The claim of the campaign reflects this double value: 'Io Sono Mestieri' restores the central role of a single coordinator who guides and steers the development of major works; at the same time, it refers to a plurality of actors who bear the faces of the craftsmen portrayed in the place and time of work.

Guardians of savoir-faire

Art, culture, tradition, preservation of know-how: the values of the 'workshop' applied to a new concept of luxury for the contemporary world. This is the new Mestieri Humanism.

The Company

Excellence 4.0

Mestieri, the division of the Somec Group dedicated to the design and creation of fine interiors, has launched a communication campaign whose objective is to strengthen its brand awareness on the Italian market, with creativity and planning entrusted to HDG, which captures the essence of the brand in the portraits of its artisans photographed inside their work spaces. The campaign ran throughout the second half of 2023 in selected lifestyle, business and interior design magazines, extending to social channels.