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Mechangel Integrated Digital Marketing.


TenthPlanet a game studio started by former TikTok gaming leaders, planned to launch some ambitious blockchain games including Mech Angel, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game inspired by anime culture.

Hangar Design Group -Mechangel

The new game take advantage of Web3 technology, which uses the blockchain to authenticate unique digital items and is developed on Unreal Engine and Unity titles with triple-A production values.

Tenth Planet partnered with HDG for re-imagined the identity and visual storytelling of Mechangel and also help the brand game to gain awareness in the social media landscape.

From a new logotype crafted in every word using a custom shape recalling the sharpness of the character’s armories till the creation of engaging content to build an extended digital narrative for social media touchpoints, we supported the creation of a vivid and bold imaginery that helped the brand to raise awareness and be distinctive toward the online gaming community.