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An emotional


True elegance is that which goes unnoticed

The project was developed in response to the winery's need to offer its select guests an out-of-the-ordinary visiting experience. The proposal elaborated therefore envisages an intervention that respects the solemn and severe architecture of the cellar, centred on a few scenographic elements and on a skilful use of light, to guide the guest through an exciting and unrepeatable journey.

The integration into the existing architectural fabric of tools capable of creating a contemporary, theatrical, rich and emotional experience is a new vehicle of expression for the brand, a mirror for its values and a facilitator for the communication of its products.

An interactive experience

The entrance to the cellar is the place where the architectural surfaces become the support of the story and interactive testimony of the secrets of the terroir and its geographical, geological and historical characteristics.

The interventions integrate perfectly into the architecture without taking over the context or stealing the scene from the content they carry. The archigraphic installations enhance the guest's visit and come into play only when necessary, at the right moment, aiding understanding of the Brand Experience. The surfaces of the room "light up" thanks to technology, to represent, following the choreographed movements of the guide, the map of the vineyard.

Unveiling the space

The vineyard plots become a graphic sign, they are volumes in relief that are emphasised by a slight backlighting, while the striped surface leads back to the rows and their orientation.

The map tells through the projection of images and videos the characteristics and individual features of each plot by means of an animated infographic, identifying the soil types with three-dimensional indications of the stratigraphy.