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Louis Vuitton

HDG’s “Maison Nomade” for Louis Vuitton.


The Design Genesis.

In a global scenario that questions the environmental impact of our choices, architecture plays a crucial role in undertaking more sustainable practices and lifestyles.
Louis Vuitton is also committed to such mindful approach, carrying the legacy and spirit of the original “maison nomade” project by Charlotte Perriand.

“Flowing” and modular forms interpret a new way of home living.

A true mountable and dismountable “system” that uses sustainable materials for a new vision of living. The modules, which are semicircular, are juxtaposed, creating a true core that can accommodate the surrounding ambinete within the house itself.


The Idea.

The project comes within the context of Objet Nomade: the meeting of a designer’s artistic vision with the creative skills of Louis Vuitton artisans, bringing together distinct skills to create entirely new travel objects.