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Corso Como

Blending Real Estate, business and lifestyle in Milan's Corso Como.

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Corso Como Place, the brand of COIMA's most fashionable asset

Being asked to create the identity of a trophy asset in such a recognisable and evocative city district opens up the opportunity to explore languages and visual codes that cross the boundaries of traditional Real Estate. HDG's commitment to give COIMA an out-of-the-box identity for its latest office building started with the conception of a distinctive name hinting at the venue's vibes.

A bright blue key color, immersive and panoramic CGIs and the use of infographics and bold storytelling are other ingredients of the high-impact branding project.

Hangar Design Group - Corso Como - 2

Along with a commercial brochure, an emotional video was created to express Corso Como Place's uncommon blend of business, leisure and lifestyle, and HDG leveraged on a cinematic approach and the use of drone shots to exalt the asset's spirit.

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