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Casa d'Or

More than home,
Casa d’Or is a personal statement.

Hangar Design Group and Armani/Casa joined forces for ORA in a design project whose focus was on uniqueness, in all its forms.

Casa d’Or, or the ‘home of gold’, is the first Armani/Casa styled and furnished residence in Egypt, developed in collaboration with Ora Developers.

Located in Egypt, this iconic tower is a pillar of artistic and architectural finesse to ZED El Sheikh Zayed empire, melting with the surrounding majestic ZED Park and neighbouring spaces, while it stands as the latest addition to the select few global towers standing in major cities such as Miami, London, and Dubai.


The visual identity devised by Hangar Design Group matches the elegance and minimalism of Ora Developer’s intellectual masterplans and developments, adorned with the timeless class and luxe quality of Armani / Casa.

The visual identity enhances
the classy timelessness of Armani / Casa.

As the Armani / Casa aesthetic philosophy focuses on simple lines and perfect proportions enriched by precious materials, refined finishes, and elegant textiles, the look & feel of the visual identity integrates different inspirations and design codes but blends them to create a sophisticated distinctive atmosphere.

These details are mirrored through the building style, architecture, furnishing, common areas, and homes of Casa D’Or, clearly showing off the signature allure of the design house. Originating from the curiosity of exploring new environments and the extraordinary ability to imagine subtle exchanges between different sensibilities and cultures, the visual design also reflects the constant dialogue between minimalism and luxury, simplicity and sophistication.