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In Search of Excellence in Super Ho.Re.Ca.

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The project

A 360-degree project that encompasses the overall concept for a new Roman restaurant.

Naming, Visual Identity, and Interior Design are the essential elements of this project, featuring young entrepreneurs and a star chef. It revolves around a strong idea capable of expressing the concept of “traveling” cuisine, progressing step by step towards excellence.

This is a completely customized project, offering a new “dolce vita.”

From the main hall to the terrace, the project covers approximately 800 square meters in the central Via Veneto area. It creates a modern and refined ambiance while preserving the essence of the Roman genius loci. The project also includes a fine wine cellar.

Hangar Design Group - Orma - 3

“Every experience leaves a trace in our memory. The uniqueness of a food and wine journey is the key that makes each tasting stage evocative and unforgettable. Step by step, an indelible footprint is etched in the anagram of the eternal city.”

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