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The Shape of Light.


Working along a firm of excellent Italian craftsmanship.

HDG is long-term proud partner of the Italian lighting company Panzeri, whose brand image and storytelling are outcomes of the agency's holistic commitment since 2019.

Starting with a restyling of the company's historic logotype, HDG has revamped the whole brand tone of voice, defining a new vision - "The Shape of Light" - , creating a consistent and distinctive art direction able to exalt the haptic features and scenic charisma of Panzeri's products, creating effective campaigns and product launches and building the foundations of a new digital presence through the design of a new website and social media content.

Hangar Design Group - Panzeri - 1
Hangar Design Group - Panzeri - 2

The result is a brand with strong visual statements, a recognisable allure and a richer storytelling, now focused on the hidden craftsmanship and the culture that stand behind each and every Panzeri lamp.

Hangar Design Group - Panzeri - 3
Hangar Design Group - Panzeri - 4
Hangar Design Group - Panzeri - 5