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Ferrari Roma Spider:
A new Story begins


As part of the international launch of the new Roma Spider, we collaborated with Ferrari Greater China to adapt and narrate a fresh story that truly resonates with the Chinese audience.

To localise the essence of Roma Spider in the Chinese market, HDG took the creative helm for the development of the official launch campaign with a strategic approach, aimed at intercepting trends, expectations and desires in a language that is not only understood but deeply shared by the local consumer.

The chosen backdrop of Aranaya, a city adorned with refined details and avant-garde architecture, radiates understated elegance and a refined attitude—making it the perfect canvas for meaningful storytelling.

The creative concept focuses on an invitation to a carefree and timeless experience, tailored for those who savor every moment and appreciate the beauty in the details. It is all about discovering uncharted destinations, embracing the best memories, and embarking on a new story.

To link the Ferrari Roma Spider experience to a concept already familiar to the Chinese audience, HDG was inspired by the idea of a New Dolce Vita, while affirming the value of Italianness and savoir-faire as a symbol of elegance and beauty.

From message house to brand ambassadors, our team orchestrated a flawless integrated communication plan. As final part HDG amplified excitement on Chinese social media platforms, ensuring the Ferrari Roma Spider's debut captured the attention of automotive enthusiasts across the digital landscape.

Focusing on digital content and activation across Chinese social media platforms such as Douyin, Red Book, and WeChat, we seamlessly blended innovation and elegance to captivate the Chinese audience.