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Ferrari China 30th Anniversary Book.


In 1992, Ferrari entered the Chinese market as the first luxury sports car brand. 30 years later, Ferrari has witnessed the fastest social development in China’s new era.

As a top, symbolic luxury brand, Ferrari has the most advanced technology and a long-established Italian car brand that has taken root and sprouted on the soil of China, giving it a splash of red in the Chinese market.

Ferrari has brought more values to Chinese consumers, inspiring their individuality, art and creativity, and is proud of their fighting spirit.

Adding “box-in-the- box” constructions and “haptics ” experiences through materials and finishing aims at making the editorial product a true collectible object, and create an unique journey of discovery for readers.

These are the premises that inspired one the one-of -a kind project that HDG crafted with Ferrari: a special limited edition volume to celebrate the 30 years milestones of the brand in CHINA that wants lead the current owners of Ferrari go through an emotional journey, and engage them with the brand in the book’s narration.

The narrative structure aims to fortify an already-strong brand awareness in the local market and merges the Ferrari’s brand values with Chinese Milestones, to strengthen the relations between the brand and the chinese audience, in an impactful and contemporary tone of voice,never nostalgic.

In order to do so, the book is divided into themes that are reflecting the brand values and not following a standard cronological narration. Each theme is composed by different types of creative content reflects an extension of the meaning.