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Bioline. A beautiful secret to inspire a new woman.


Rethinking beauty.

Bioline Jatò is a company from Trentino specialising in skincare, with a solid family history behind it. When it entrusted HDG with a complete redefinition of its brand identity, the work was first oriented towards a redesign of the logotype and brand image, and then involved all the touchpoints, from the packaging system to the treatment application tools, with the aim of increasing the brand value and translating it according to contemporary aesthetic codes.

A 360° project for diversified targets. From B-to-B to B-to-C.

The biggest challenge was to create an image that would appeal to the company's usual target group, i.e., aestheticians and distributors.
And yet the ambitious goal was to speak directly to the consumer.

Hangar Design Group - Bioline - 3
Hangar Design Group - Bioline - 4

A complex process. The redefinition of corporate values.

Innovation, research, training and treatment. These are some of the assets that have been designed for Bioline. These are accompanied by the complete re-design of the entire packaging system, the codification of social language and the commercial launch of new product lines.

Marketing, Content and Activation.

Social Media

Packaging System