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HDG's tribute to Peggy. With Vistosi.


Taking inspiration from modernism, Peggy, a special edition of the Futura collection, is a composition of suspended lamps in white and polished blown glass coupled with coloured brushed metal. The idea of polarity in black and white is interpreted in the lightness of a rational and elegant design.

Hangar Design Group - Vistosi - 2
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Lighting has represented for HDG one of the privileged territories on which to exercise its brand or product design activity. The existence of many lighting companies in the territory of the Northeast, where HDG finds its presence, has certainly fuelled reflection on lighting design and favoured encounters that have marked a turning point in the maturation of stylistic identity.

Peggy is the captivating encounter between creativity and craftsmanship in creating glass, combined with the latest lighting technology.

Around Shape

Hangar Design Group - Vistosi - 4
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A unique project

Initially designed in a nine-light version for the Peggy Guggenheim Cafe, it was later implemented in more compact one- and three-light versions to become part of the serial production.

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