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Rolling Acid

Bright, bold, defiant: it's China's fashion avant-garde.

Hangar Design Group - Rolling Acid - 4


New identity for an eastern rising star.

When designing a logo for a fashion house, immediate memorability and flexibility are key. HDG designed Rolling Acid's new logo with its future applications in mind, considering a wide variety of potential uses on apparel, print and digital media.

The result is a clean, bold and customized logotype, whose initial letters - an R reversed into a A - express the subversive spirit of the brand, while a new monogram serves as a signature or pattern on collection pieces.

Hangar Design Group - Rolling Acid - 2
Hangar Design Group - Rolling Acid - 3

The same subtle yet impactful approach drove the design of Rolling Acid's website and WeChat content, with a mix of minimalism, editorial layouts and vibrant colors framing unconventional lookbook photography.

Hangar Design Group - Rolling Acid - 2