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Alain Ducasse at ROMEO Napoli: the theatre of emotion

Supporting the first Italian opening by Chef Alain Ducasse

Stemming from our long-standing relation with ROMEO Collection, we bring HDG’s strategic vision and visual identity to Alain Ducasse at ROMEO Napoli, enhancing both its online and offline presence.


With our signature HDG Art direction, we capture the essence of every dish and ingredient, the talented team, and the unique atmosphere that makes this restaurant one of a kind

From the initial tease to full-fledged storytelling, we narrate the culinary philosophy of Chef Alain Ducasse and Chef Alessandro Lucassino: an art that transports us to a magical world made of simple ingredients, transformed with the French savoir-faire of the Ducasse school.

Social Media

Embark on a new Mediterranean journey

We have taken on the task of managing the social communication for Alain Ducasse at ROMEO Napoli. We showcase the essence of the menu with striking images of dishes, focusing on the top-quality ingredients. Behind-the-scenes shots of the team in action reveal the dedication and skill in the kitchen.

Our visuals highlight the atmosphere of the rooftop location at ROMEO Napoli, bringing to life the setting where culinary art happens. Through a carefully crafted social media presence, we reflect the culinary philosophy of Alain Ducasse, making sure each post captures the restaurant's elegance and creativity.