A Special Mention for Groove


Among the nominees of the prestigious German Design Award, the lamp designed for Vistosi has won a new accolade.

"Groove", the lamp designed by Hangar Design Group for Vistosi, has won a Special Mention of the German Design Award 2024, in recognition of the value of a design project that fuses the elegance of early 1960s minimalism with the craftsmanship of blown glass. This light installation offers an interplay of regular shapes and changing geometries, framed by the refinement of the metal finishes in anthracite or matt bronze and the softness of the white satin or shaded glass diffusers. Groove's structure, composed of four sliding metal frames, allows for ample flexibility and continuous reinvention of the space it illuminates. The German Design Award, with its Special Mention, thus recognises not only the aesthetic beauty of Groove but also its functional innovation, rewarding Hangar Design Group for its ability to create a product that stands out in the international panorama of quality design.