Sunset at Design Up

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The project is featured in the new ADI Design Museum exhibition, testifying to the ability of Italian design to interpret the needs of an evolving society.

The DesignUP - soluzioni di continuità exhibition was presented to the press at the ADI Design Museum, the new thematic in-depth examination of the museum's permanent collection that proposes a reinterpretation of the history of Italian design in social, cultural and technical terms. The selection of 30 significant projects, chosen from the historical series of Compasso d'Oro winners, highlights the most specific traits of what we now call Made in Italy, and how the culture of design has permeated all the different stages of the country's development, enabling Italian products to be positioned at the top end of markets at an international level.
The Design for Well-being section also includes Sunset, our mobile home project that won a Compasso d'Oro award in 2011. Sunset proposes a new standard of mobile homes, reducing to a minimum the perception of temporariness that had always characterised this type of product. The house, designed especially for tourist-receptive functions, is built using wood technology and meets Casaclima sustainability requirements. The quality of the project derives from the materials used, the technologies employed in the production phase and the organisation of the interior space. The home becomes a place to rediscover well-being through objects that are often discreet yet increasingly intelligent and technologically advanced. This design trend interprets in a sophisticated way a demand for harmony with space and with one's own body that is destined to grow over time. The theme of living freely and everywhere, also thanks to technology, has always fuelled the design research of many Italian design masters and Sunset is an effective response in the wake of this utopia. In the words of the curators, Sunset represents 'a true home, mobile and comfortable, for living anywhere'.