Michelin Guide 2024: an acknowledgement for HDG


The interior design project developed for the new Orma restaurant has received praise from the prestigious guide.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with refined yet natural materials. The seating is cosy, and the tables resemble trees sprouting from the ground. Simultaneously, lamps and bespoke furniture adorn the rooms, creating a sophisticated and luminous ambience. This is Orma, Roy Caceres' new restaurant with an international reach, situated in the heart of Rome, which has just been awarded a Michelin star. The architectural and branding project, conceived entirely by Hangar Design Group, received such high praise that it was specifically mentioned in the guide for its unique contemporary character, harmonising perfectly with Caceres' culinary philosophy. According to this philosophy, every aspect of the gastronomic experience – starting with the space itself – should encourage storytelling and the visitor's active engagement. This exceptional accolade underscores the significance of the relationship between architectural design and experience, in a perpetual interplay of functionality, aesthetics, and culinary art.