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Khor Al Udaid National Park in collaboration with TAM Associati

The essential spirit of the land. A luxury retreat inspired by nature and instructed by its past.

In partnership with TAM Associati

Khor Al Adaid Eco Tent Settlement project does not aim at offering “another” premium tented camp following the path traced by others in the last decades. Instead, it is a project rooted on natural and cultural conservation, promoting a more conscious approach to travels and placemaking, and aiming at creating an inspirational best practice worldwide.

A cocoon in a primordial paradise, the symbiosis of hand-crafted beauty and natural perfection.

Offering a spa for the mind.

A blank place where to nurture curiosity, empathy, culture, and a personal kind of peace.


When experiencing the interior design of the Eco Tent Settlement, visitors should perceive this spirit, common to the whole project. They should live, see, feel and touch the privilege of such transient moment between past, present and future, and enjoy the meaningful and evocative power of the genius loci, in full comfort of body and soul.