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Le Monde - A new brand image for Le Monde winery

Le Monde


A new brand image for Le Monde winery

The rebranding comes from the desire to make a strategic choice in the communication of the Friuli winery, linking its identity to the territory and at the same time emphasizing its contemporary and entrepreneurial soul. The aim: to position Le Monde as a reference winery in Friuli and give the brand greater value on the Ho.re.ca. market.

A new brand identity thus translates Le Monde’s history and values into sign, word and image: from the restyling of the logo – the rampant lion, linked to ancient Venetian domination – to the essential lettering, the labels reflect the care and modernity of a style designed for an international market, in line with the times and tastes of an evolved consumer. Cleanliness, consistency and a touch of poetry, as in the illustrations accompanying the limited editions, are the recurring criteria that shape the winery’s brand identity.