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Passion for photography. Telling the news about Manfrotto.


The image industry. From amateur to pro.

Few sectors have ridden technological innovations like professional photography. The accessibility of sophisticated instrumentation even to semi-professional users has broadened the audience of potential customers and imposed a language closer to the codes of mass communication.
Hence the irruption also in B2B language of the emotional image, of the engaging video, of the testimonial/influencer: communicative devices capable of engaging a broad audience and effectively transmitting the innovative content of one's own products.


Manfrotto is the leading Italian company in the field of professional camera and lighting supports for the photography, video, cinema and entertainment markets.

HDG has realised numerous product launch campaigns for Manfrotto on international markets, accompanying the technical presentation of the products with an emotional and imaginative story, capable of speaking to professionals and enthusiasts alike, contaminating the codes of professional photography with those of fashion and street culture.

Emotional videos for product storytelling. The audience is worldwide, and the markets are global. Special focus on a language that can be used on diversified platforms.

Tutorials as a mode of expression for an audience that finds performance as its primary focus. The product is at the centre.

The 'photographer's eye' becomes the communicative driver in a series of campaigns in which the quality of representation becomes inspiration.