Mia Fringe
The concept store Mia Fringe with its new image designed by Hangar Design Group

Mia fringe
The branding project


A concept store in the heart of Shanghai

Located at No. 627 Middle Huaihai Road, Mia Fringe is a brand-new shopping space that combines fashion, food, lifestyle and many other elements, providing all you need for a life with quality. Starting from exquisiteness, personality and high-quality, also combining with client’s brand appeal, HDG built a unique and modern world of art with gentle and soft lines in the logo design of Mia Fringe. The ever-changing but unified lines are elegant and smooth, revealing the distinctive taste of the brand inadvertently. Moving from the idea of Fringe, which is an outer edge that creates a unique and contemporary world, Hangar Design Group expanded the strokes as an iconic brand element, and collocated on the surface of carefully created marketing and retail materials, seemingly disorderly but well-organized, with delicately selected brand color lingering around. The appearance is simple but represents the elegant tone of Mia Fringe which does not need to be deliberately made, it is also the self-expression of the brand in a unique way.
When it came to the shooting and production of Food and Beverage department, Hangar Design Group proposed and executed with a concept of intense contrast, which created more than just visual impact but added a brilliant tone into the taste of Food and Beverage.