Visottica Comotec
Visottica's booth at MIDO 2018 by Hangar Design Group

Visottica Comotec
Booth design and brand image at MIDO 2018

Retail & Environmental

A minimal booth design and a black and white brand image

Visottica Comotec, a worldwide leader in metal components for the optical sector since 1947, mixes reliable materials and functional mechanisms and is characterized by an exclusive know how that allows it to offer customized and innovative solutions. «Behing every great frame» is the payoff chosen by Hangar Design Group to identify, along with black and white detail pictures, the brand image at MIDO 2018, one of the most important international events dedicated to eyewear. The creative agency also signed the minimal and contemporary design of Visottica’s booth, which plays with the black and white binomial as well.