The three models of Piuma, a toothbrush designed by Hangar Design Group

Product design for an innovative toothbrush

Product Design

Design project for a toothbrush characterized by a minimal aesthetics

Piuma is a masterpiece of functional design, a basic and linear toothbrush designed by the creative agency Hangar Design Group and made of ultralight materials with a hidden calendar at its base that tells the user when the right time to change the brush head has come. It is available in gold, silver and black and is the result of an in-depth study on shapes, materials, dimensions and efficacy. From its tongue cleaner’s finishing to its ergonomic grip, each detail is designed to combine the highest efficacy with an appealing look.
It is also the result of the first application of an innovative material, the Gravi-Tech, which contains mineral particles that are able to make the ABS base more stable and durable.