Bertoni 1949
Mùn, the new it bag designed by the international creative agency Hangar Design Group for Bertoni 1949

a new it bag between fashion and design

Product Design

The new bag designed for Bertoni 1949

The combination between Hangar Design Group’s international stylistic approach and Bertoni 1949’s Made in Italy savoir-faire, creates the new Mùn bag, an it bag, which is rationalized in its forms to become a one of its kind design object. The concept of the bag itself is overcome, thanks to the presence of a rigid wooden handle that transforms the accessory into a perfect ring. Mùn is an unusual and surprising product that breaks the patterns of traditional fashion to borrow those of creative design. It is characterized by a functional yet playful anatomy, defined by the swinging movement of the new model as soon as it is layed on a surface.