The travel mug collection Mash-up designed by Hangar Design Group for Acera

Liven by Acera
Mash-up, the new collection of travel mugs

Product Design

A mix of pop culture and Chinese traditions for the new travel mugs designed by Hangar Design Group

ACERA with its brand LIVEN presents the MASH-UP collection, designed by Hangar Design Group and consisting in three product family lines – Polka, Typeworks and Xiqu, that showcase the brand’s ability to work with different decorating techniques applied to a single object: the travel mug.
Creating a “mash-up”, as musicians say, is using different techniques, tones of voice and samples to work on a same music piece. Or ceramics in this case. “Mash-up” is also the way we express ourselves: a mix of language, signs, body language. Or, in other words, typography, icons and faces.
By alternating strong lettering, colorful patterns and iconic graphics, MASH-UP features a brilliant color palette that breaks up conventions, in a playful contrast between pop culture and Chinese traditions.