The brand identity of Palazzo Cordusio designed by Hangar Design Group

Palazzo Cordusio
Brand identity and naming


A branding project for a historical building in the heart of the Milanese financial district

Hangar Design Group signs the brand identity, naming and communication tools of Palazzo Cordusio, bound to become the most refined and culturally relevant venue for renewed firms looking for an innovative workspace and representative headquarter. Designed in 1901 and originally conceived to host the Stock Exchange in the oval “Cordusio” Square, already a crossroad in the dynamic Milanese life of the late 19th Century, it was acknowledged in 1962 as a historic landmark, while from 2015 to 2018, the facades of the building were fully refurbished and its interiors completely renovated. In the visual identity designed by the creative agency, the key values of the real estate project are evoked, highlighting its uniqueness: prestige, innovation, modernity and centrality in a revitalized city hub.