Maretto Marflex
The new brand image designed by Hangar Design Group for Maretto Marflex

Maretto Marflex: the new brand image and the new catalog


A renewed logo and corporate image for a traditional Italian brand

The new Maretto Marflex catalog, designed by the international creative agency Hangar Design Group, transforms the mattress into a luxury design object. The main inspiration for the new brand image and logo, characterized by a sophisticated elegance and a skillful mix of the colors red, white and grey, is the softness of the brand’s products.
Thanks to a history of more than sixty years, Maretto Marflex offers a range of solutions and products of the highest quality, with the utmost respect for the person. Only the best raw materials, worked with an artisan know-how, can contribute to psychophysical wellbeing, in the wake of an Italian tradition of beauty and well-made craftsmanship. Attention to detail, passion for research, knowledge of materials and innovation of processes: the goal of Maretto is good rest, a philosophy that finds expression in its new coordinated image and in its new catalog.