The new logo designed by Hangar Design Group for Fabbri 1905
November 2018 / News

A new collaboration with Fabbri for the Chinese market

Hangar Design Group and Hangar Shanghai design the new logo of Fabbri Ingredients Inside, turning it into a hallmark of quality for the retail stores that display it.

Hangar Design Group and Hangar Shanghai give life to “Fabbri Ingredients Inside”: the new logo, designed by the itnernational creative agency, indicates the presence of Fabbri products within the retail branch. The aim is to disclose the Fabbri logo to final consumers through worldwide chains of restaurants, cafés and pastry shops that use the brand’s delicacies – such as Amarena, gelato creams and bases, specialties for granita machines and mixed drinks and coffee – as ingredients of their recipes, which thus gain a hallmark of quality.

Posted by HDG Venice